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Exploring the Alberni Valley Exploring the Alberni Valley Exploring the Alberni

                                                                            Stamp River Provincial Park is a quick
                                                                            15 minute drive down Beaver Creek Road;
                                                                            perfect for camping, day hikes through
         A Shoppers Drugmart Pharmacist is always available to              breathtaking forest and waterfall views, or
         help advance the health & wellness of your entire family.          relaxation by the river, Stamp River has it
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         help advance your healthcare needs through:
          • Professional Knowledge and advice  • HealthWATCH  ®            One of the main attractions of the park
          • One-on-one private counselling  • Easy Refills ®
          • Personalized medication reviews  • The convenience of ordering   is it’s annual run of thousands of Pacific
          • Injection services  prescription refills, 24 hours a day,
          • Free Delivery      7 days a week.                              salmon swimming in the pool below the
                                                             falls, before ascending up the ladder to the spawning

       TWO LOCALLY OWNED LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU              grounds; this natural migration happens during late
                                                             summer and early fall months. The trail along the
                                                             river and falls offer fantastic view points of the salmon,
           Port Alberni Plaza     Port Alberni Clinic
           3717 10th Ave          1-3855 9th Ave             alongside well placed information stands that the whole
           Monday - Sunday        Monday - Friday            family will enjoy reading. With salmon comes black bears
           8:00am-10:00pm         9:30am - 5:30 pm           looking for an easy meal, so always be aware and keep
           250.723.7387           250.723.7387               dogs leashed.

                                                             Stamp  River Provincial Park is the perfect place to spend
                                                             a couple hours immersed in nature or a couple days
                                                             camping along the river. During summer months the
                                                             water is calm enough in certain areas for a quick dip in
                                                             the river to cool off while having a picnic lunch, while the
                                                             trails offer spectacular views of the raging river and falls
                                                             alongside the beautiful forest. The fall and winter months
                                                             offer a phenomenal display of the river rushing past and
                                                             down the falls, as you crunch on fallen leaves along the
                                                             trail.  This park is the perfect escape into nature, regardless
                               Alport Insurance has been     of the season!
                               serving the Alberni Valley since
      We work for you          1986 and has helped thousands of
                               customers since first opening
      along with our           their doors. Our brokers act as                     Located at the end of Plywood
      Insurers to provide      the ‘middle man’ between the                        Drive, Canal Beach is the
      you with the best        insurance companies and the                         only sandy beach for non-
      insurance coverage       customer – always with the
      for the best premium.    customer’s best interest in mind.                   motorized water sports,
                                                                                   including windsurfing, stand up
                                                                                   paddleboarding, and kayaking in
                                                                                   Port Alberni.

                                                                                   Formerly an industrial mill site,
                                                                                   Canal Beach has been transformed
      250.723.2545                                           into the perfect waterfront beach spot. Created to
      3767 10th Avenue
      Port Alberni BC V9Y 4W5       Call today for           help transition the economy from industrial based to        a free quote            recreational and tourism, this beach has been fought for
      Find Us on Facebook                          by the community. There are two must see murals created

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