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Evaluating Your Year

                                            and Planning Ahead

                                            With a new year – and decade, for that matter –   Step #3
                                            upon us, now’s the perfect time to review what
                                            worked and what didn’t work over the past   Start brainstorming. Once you understand
                                            year so you can prepare for the year ahead.  what you accomplished over the past year and
                                                                                 how, it’s easier to focus on where you can go
                                            This doesn’t have to be a long drawn out
                                            process, but it does require some dedicated   over the next 12 months.
                                            time blocked in your calendar to focus on   If you weren’t on track, how can you get closer
                                            evaluating your business in three    to your goals? And, if you were on track, how
                                            important steps.                     do you improve for next year?
                                            Step #1                              What are some things you’ve thought about
                                                                                 doing or seen others implement in their
                                            Start by jotting down new things you did in   businesses that you’d like to try?
                                            2019 – everything from client communications
                                            and marketing to social media approaches   Are there any new revenue streams you could
                                            and processes. Next, evaluate your efforts.   introduce to enhance your current products/
                                            How were these new things received?    services and make you even more valuable to
                                            How did they make your business top-of-  past, current and/or future clients?
                                            mind? How did they help generate new and    What are your financial goals? How many
                                            repeat business?                     clients will you have to work with to help
                                            Rate each item on a scale of one to 10 – where   achieve these goals? What do you have to
                                            10 is the best. How can you improve upon   do to work with this many clients?
                                            them for next year?                  How can you better streamline your
                                            Step #2                              processes to help save time so you can
                                                                                 focus on other things?
                                            It’s impossible to improve your year-over-year
                                            growth if you don’t know where you started.  Is it time to hire a professional to help with
                                                                                 certain aspects of your business – such as
                                            Pay close attention to your numbers for 2019,   social media and bookkeeping – to ensure
                                            including:                           you focus on tasks that will generate
                                             •  Income                           more income?
                                             •  Number of clients you worked with  Asking yourself these tough questions and
                                             •  Numbers of sales you made        answering them honestly can make a big
                                             •  How do these numbers compare to    difference in the future success of your
                                               your goals for the year?          business. But don’t just go to all this effort
                                                                                 once a year – be sure to re-evaluate at least
                                                                                 quarterly to ensure you remain on track.

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