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Cheryl, I am a small business owner.  What is the best way
                                                              I can protect myself and my employees from injury or
           How can I ensure a legacy                          illness?
           for my family?
                                                              The best form of protection is to establish a group benefits
                                                              plan which I can customize to meet you and your business’
                                                              unique circumstances.  I can even create a plan for you even
    O                                                         Many people are unaware that they can create a much larger
                                                              if you have existing health issues.
                                                              Cheryl, how can I enhance charitable giving in my estate?

     One of the best ways is with permanent life insurance.
     You pay a monthly premium that never changes and when
                                                              charitable gift through the purchase of life insurance without
     you pass, the insurance company pays a lump sum of your
                                                              taking away from benefiting their loved ones.  Instead of
                                                              contributing to those charities you favor through your life,
     choosing to whoever you want.  Another way to ensure
                                                              you redirect your annual charitable contributions to fund
     a legacy is through an annuity.  You provide a lump sum
     amount to the insurance company and, in return, your
                                                              a permanent life insurance policy which results in a larger
     annuity pays a monthly payment determined by your initial
                                                              after-tax charitable legacy which significantly benefits the
     deposit to whoever you want for their life.
     Another way to ensure that you have an estate to leave
     should you have a health crisis which limits you from    charities you favor.
     earning income and thereby having to draw down your
     financial assets is:
     •  with the protection afforded by a critical illness insurance                                Cheryl MacLean
      plan that pays out a lump sum upon illness; or,                         Investment Advisor & Insurance Broker
     •  with a long term care plan which pays you a monthly                       
      income.                                                                                           250.723.3224

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