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Exploring the Alberni Valley  ExploringExploring the Alberni Valley Exploring the Alberni

              The Alberni Valley truly is the heart of Vancouver Island.

                   Surrounded by mountains, rivers, creeks, and lush

                   rainforest, there is always a new place to explore.

                                                                                                                    Photo credit: Sharlene Patterson


     The main road into Port Alberni is via the Alberni       offer is our amazing community. Friendly faces are seen
     Highway; travelling around Cameron Lake, through         throughout the town, whether you’re running errands
     Cathedral Grove, and over the Port Alberni summit. The   or going for a walk along the Dike. Accompanying those
     drive is magical to say the least; upon first entering the   smiling faces are friendly hellos, quick conversations, and
     Alberni Valley, visitors and residents alike are greeted by   an amazing sense of community. You can feel how close
     360o mountain views, encompassing our beautiful town;    this town is when you check out a Bulldogs game or go into
     but entering the Alberni Valley wasn’t always this way.   a local coffee shop, everyone comes together to support one
     Travelling through the Barkley Sound and up the Alberni
     Inlet used to be the main route for anyone travelling    We are fortunate to share this land with First Nations.
     in or out of Port Alberni. Imagine, if you will, how our   Many of their traditions and lifestyle are still present in
     beautiful town might look from that perspective; travelling   our community today; as seen during many of our local
     on a ship, boat, or canoe, rocky mountains rising almost   festivals and events.
     perpendicularly from the water on either side of you, trees
     covering the mountain sides. Certain parts feel as though   The Alberni Valley is like a breath of fresh air with
     you’re in the middle of a mountain lake, rather than an   many places to explore all year long, filling you with
     inlet. We truly are blessed to live in such a beautiful place.   rich history, strong community, and beautiful scenery.
                                                              Around the lake, through the grove, over the hump, and
     Alongside the natural beauty the Alberni Valley has to   you’re home.
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