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A day in the

                                                                                   life during

                                                                               COV I D-19.

     Since mid- March the World Health Organization           exceptional times. Lines and arrows have been drawn
     announced that COVID-19 is a global pandemic, and        on the floor to help us visualize what 6ft actually looks
     life looks a little different these days.                like, in an attempt to create some social distance in a
                                                              usually crowded environment. Plexiglass barriers have
     It all started in March 2020, kids were gearing up for   been installed at all tills and cashier counters to make
     Spring Break. Vacations were planned and the weather     it possible for us to still continue to buy.
     looked promising, when hard decisions needed to be
     made. The Canadian government implemented social         One of the biggest lessons during this global pandemic
     distancing and recommended we stay home as they          has been that although the world has “shut down”,
     announced this new virus called COVID-19 that was        human connection has not; Port Alberni is a prime
     spreading quickly around the world. Everything felt      example of this. Waving hello when out for walks,
     incredibly uncertain and a little scary.                 talking about the weather, laughing over how awkward
                                                              social distancing in a grocery store is, social distancing
     Many businesses, and all schools were forced to close    at the dog park, and celebrating our amazing front
     their doors as we navigated this news, no one was sure   line workers with cheers and parades, are proof that
     of how to proceed forward. Businesses had to pivot       human connection is alive and well, it just looks a little
     and adapt to serve our community. Within a few short     different these days. New businesses have taken off,
     weeks everything had gone online or over the phone       while organizations and companies have come together
     ordering, contactless pick up and delivery, and long     to fill the gaps. Our very own BullDogs have teamed
     lineups at the grocery stores. Everyone who had to       up with Save on Foods to bring groceries to seniors.
     venture out to do their shopping showed up wearing       Beautiful things are happening in our community
     gloves and some even wearing masks. The world had        despite the uncertainty of the world.
     changed almost overnight.
                                                              We, as a community, need to remember life before
     Driving around town has changed as well. Traffic is      COVID-19, things may never be exactly the same. But
     almost non-existent. Parks and playgrounds are closed    our core values, family, friends and human connection
     and taped off. But yet through all of it our community   will find their way back into existence in our lives
     has figured out a way to brighten up our town by         again.
     placing hearts in their front windows and along trails.
                                                              So while our days might look and feel a little bit
     Grocery shopping and shopping department stores          different, nothing lasts forever. We have the power to
     have been another interesting experience during these    decide what our “new normal” is going to look like.
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