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Since they moved in fifteen years ago, the volunteers at the Industrial Heritage Centre
          (“Old Arena”) have restored more than one vintage vehicle per year in the Shop on the
        Tenth Avenue hill. In 2020, the result is that one of the best Collections of antique trucks
                     and machinery in the Province is located right here in Port Alberni.

                                                            1928 “Chevrolet” Fire Truck
                                                            This is one of the first Fire Trucks to serve in the
                                                            Valley.  With only a 30-gallon water tank, it was not
                                                            much of a fire-fighting machine but, it beat running
                                                            to the fire, carrying your supplies and gear!

                               1926 “Federal” tow truck
       This did not start out life as a Tow Truck.  It was
            a ‘Scissor-lift truck” designed to service the
            overhead Trolley wires for Streetcars on the
        Lower Mainland.  It ended up as a fuel delivery
      truck on the West Coast before it arrived here, in
     rough shape.  An example of the skills in the I.H.C.
      Shop, the frame was shortened and the truck was
           rebuilt as a “First Generation Auto Wrecker”.

                                                            2020 “Euclid” Dump Truck (Model)
                                                            The most recent creation from the Shop is this
                                                            model of a Heavy-duty “Euclid” truck that was
                                                            restored in 2019.   Les Stevens fabricated the
                                                            little truck with the help of several other retired
                                                            Tradesmen at the I.H.C.

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