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1937 “White” Flatdeck
     The “RB McLean Lumber Company” bought this
     truck new for $2800 for log-hauling.  It was not             “Are you ready for some               If we sell it,
     successful on the Beaufort slopes so it was used to              warmer weather?
     haul lumber to town.  When old and tired, it was                                                 we guarantee it
     used as a tanker for fire-fighting.  It was one of                   Time for your
                                                                            winter tire
     the first trucks restored by our volunteers.                          change over

                                                                    4938 Dunbar St.

                                                                  A Shoppers Drugmart Pharmacist is always available to
                                                                  help advance the health & wellness of your entire family.
     1947 “Hayes” Logging Truck                                   Visit our pharmacy team to discover how we can
                                                                  help advance your healthcare needs through:
     This was the first truck restored by the I.H.S. and           • Professional Knowledge and advice  • HealthWATCH  ®
     one of our most iconic.  It has represented Port              • One-on-one private counselling  • Easy Refills ®
     Alberni in parades and events all over the Island,            • Personalized medication reviews  • The convenience of ordering
                                                                   • Injection services
                                                                                        prescription refills, 24 hours a day,
     in Vancouver and has even been to big Shows in                • Free Delivery      7 days a week.
     the USA.  One of the first ‘big trucks” specifically
     built to haul the big wood in the coastal forests.         TWO LOCALLY OWNED LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU

     For up to date information and hours please call us or check
     out our Facebook page.                                         Port Alberni Plaza     Port Alberni Clinic
                                                                    3717 10th Ave          1-3855 9th Ave
          Western Vancouver Island Industrial Heritage Society      Monday - Sunday        Monday - Friday
                                                                    8:00am-10:00pm         9:30am - 5:30 pm
     3250 9th Avenue                                                250.723.7387           250.723.7387
     Tel. 250-723-4285      
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