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     Uncertain but Exceptional Times

                                                    by Nicole Brazzale

     We’re in the midst of uncertain and exceptional times,   through within our economy and ourselves, I hope
     but you already knew that. It’s a time of exponential    this article gives you some insight on how you can take
     change and growth, which can feel incredibly             control again.
     uncomfortable. We don’t know what the world is going
     to look like in six months or a year, we don’t know what   First, I want you to question how much control you
     “normal” will look like anymore- and that can be scary.   really had before all of this happened.

     If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed because of this       Humans like to think that we have control over things,
     global pandemic and the massive change we’ve gone        it gives us a sense of empowerment, but really, few
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