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     things are actually within our control. We can’t control
     the weather, we can’t control other people, we can’t
     control when a global pandemic shuts down “normal”
     life. The only thing we can control is our attitude and                                                               Services Ltd
     our effort. How we show up every day is within our
     control, how we respond to situations is within our
     control, how we treat people is within our control - and
     that’s incredibly powerful.                                                                  Insurance & Financial Services Ltd.

     In our Spring edition I spoke about motivation.
     Your motivation might be incredibly low right now,
     nonexistent even; you might be allowing the excuses
     that the gym is closed and you’re too stressed out to
     make healthy choices, run your life right now. Those
     thoughts are within your control. You’re allowed to
     have those thoughts, they may be serving you in some
     way, but I want you to think about the person you want
     to be after all of this passes, because it will pass.

     What was your motivation at the beginning of the year?
     What kind of person did you set out to be this year? Are
     you going to allow a global pandemic, that is completely
     out of your control, change who you want to be, or
     are you going to take control of the only thing you can
     control, your attitude and your effort, and show up for

     Please know that you can choose to be whoever you
     want to be, I’m not here to tell you what you should do,
     my goal is to help you start questioning who you think
     you are and compare it to the person you want to be.                    • Life Insurance
     You have that control which is incredibly powerful.                     • Disability Insurance
                                                                             • Critical Illness Insurance
     So, how do you start taking control?
                                                                             • Health Insurance
     Pick one thing you’d like to improve on, just one, no                   • Group Benefits
     more. Keep it small, lower your expectations, make                      • RRSP
     it impossible to fail (because it is impossible to fail;                • Segregated Funds
     failures are just lessons in disguise). What I like to do
     with my clients is look at what they’re currently doing                 • RESP
     and decide if it’s serving them anymore. Maybe you feel                 • Annuities
     that you don’t have the time or energy to exercise; start               • and much more
     with committing to 5 minutes of movement (any kind of
     movement, dance around your kitchen or walk around                         Cheryl MacLean
     your house), at the end of those 5 minutes check in with          Insurance & Investment Broker
     yourself. If you’re feeling good and want to continue                 “Life can be unpredictable”
     on, that’s great, go for another 5 minutes. If you’re still   As an essential service, Cheryl is open for
     not feeling it, that’s great too, at least you did those 5
     minutes.                                                   business, with non- face to face appointments.
                                                                               Contact me today.
     Take stock of what you’re doing currently, make one                       250 - 723 - 3224
     small change, assess how you feel, make another small
     change, assess, rinse and repeat.                           
     Baby steps are the key to lasting change, as long as
     they’re taken consistently.                               Canada Life • Empire Life • Manulife Financial • Equitable Life • Humania
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