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Letter From the Editor   Megan Warrender

     Summer is here, and there is never a more beautiful
     time of year to be living in the Alberni Valley. With so
     much natural beauty around every corner, we don’t
     have to go far to enjoy a hot summer. Whether it’s a day                             EDITOR IN CHIEF
     trip to the lake, or an afternoon walk in one of our many                            MEGAN WARRENDER
     local trails. As locals we know where the best spots are                   
     to enjoy a beautiful summer day.                                                     Founder of the Valley Vibe
                                                                                          magazine. Megan’s passion
     After spending so much time at home this spring, many                                is to show the world why we
     of us, myself included, are going to spend the summer                                live and love Port Alberni
     enjoying fresh vegetables straight out of the garden.                                through print media.
     Many of those projects that we never had time to finish
     around the house and yard are finally getting finished.
     I know that there isn’t another place I would rather call
     home than our little Valley.

                                         Letter From our MP   Gord Johns
                                         Hello to everybody in our wonderful valley. We have faced a lot together through
                                         the Spring and now we’re into an Alberni Summer like never before. As we
                                         always do – in good times and bad – we will continue to get by with love and
                                         courage. Importantly, we also will continue to support and care for the many
                                         heroes in the Alberni Valley who look after us, keep us safe and healthy, fed and
                                         nurtured, positive and hopeful. We’ve been calling their work “essential” since
                                         the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and whoever came up with that word
                                         sure got it right! It’s also “essential” that our hearts are good and true and we all
                                         do our personal best to stop the pandemic in its tracks. We’re in this together
                                         and know what we have to do!
                                         Take care, everybody.
                                         Gord  Johns
                                         MP for Courtenay-Alberni

                          ASSOCIATE EDITOR                                         PHOTOGRAPHER
                          NICOLE BRAZZALE                                          SHARLENE PATTERSON
                          An experienced writer, life coach                        An experienced photographer and
                          and personal trainer. Nicole looks                       local resident.
                          forward to bringing stories to you in
                          a variety of different ways.

                          PHOTOGRAPHER                                             PHOTOGRAPHY
                           JANE ROTH                                               EXPLORE PORT ALBERNI
                          A local photographer and adventure                       The Valley Vibe in partnership with
                          seeker.                                                  Explore Port Alberni. “Port Alberni is
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