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Tips for Successfully

                                             Working from Home

                                             More people from than ever before are   3. Set a Schedule: Time-blocking your day is
                                             working from home thanks to the new reality   huge. After all, what gets scheduled is often
                                             that the coronavirus brought to our everyday   what gets done. It’s also a great feeling to be
                                             lives. For many, the work-from-home regime   able to check things off your list as the day
                                             was a forced trial that will result in more at-  progresses. Be sure to give yourself ample
                                             home workdays moving forward.       breaks throughout the day so that you can
                                                                                 eat or take care of personal tasks during
                                             While working from home can be extremely
                                             efficient because there’s no commute   dedicated timeslots.
                                             involved, it also poses the potential for added   4. Be Disciplined: It’s easy to let your homelife
                                             distractions in the workday.        creep into your workspace if you let it. Fight
                                                                                 the urge to take care of personal tasks at any
                                             Here are six ways you can boost your home
                                             office productivity:                other time than during designated breaks that
                                                                                 you blocked into your schedule.
                                             1. Create a Work Area: Ensuring you set up a
                                             work area that meets your needs is essential   5. Book Outside Appointments: Feeling
                                             to promoting your success while working from   connected to others is extremely important
                                             home. Whether this means an entire office or   and not always the easiest thing to master
                                             a dedicated area of a room in your home, it’s   when you’re working remotely. Be sure to
                                             important to feel comfortable while in your   schedule some meetings out of the house
                                             workspace. This can include everything from   for lunch or even coffee periodically to keep
                                             a comfy chair and ergonomic work station   the human connection factor present in your
                                             to having good lighting and a quiet space to   workday. Breaking up the day can mean the
                                             think. You can also leverage technology in    world for your productivity when you return
                                             your space to make your day as      to your workspace.
                                             streamlined as possible.            6. Protect Your Personal Time: While many
                                                                                 people worry about being distracted from
                                             2. Get Ready: Even though you may not be
                                             seeing people throughout the day, it’s still   work due to personal interruptions, the
                                             important to look and dress the part.    opposite can be true. We sometimes say we’ll
                                             There’s something about getting read every   just finish one more task before the workday
                                             day that helps set a professional tone for    wraps up and, before we know it, it’s 8pm.
                                             your productivity.                  While this may be necessary from time-to-
                                                                                 time, it’s important to maintain a healthy
                                                                                 work-life balance whether you’re working
                                                                                 from home or offsite.

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