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Port Alberni, the community with a heart, and if you
     drive around town, it’s easy to see why. Hearts have
     started popping up around local trails and in the front
     windows of houses all across town.

     Our mission at the Valley Vibe is to share why we love
     where we live, and our community is at the heart
     of that mission. We are so blessed to live in such a
     beautiful and lush environment and community.

     Spending time outside, doing what we do best by
     enjoying our beautiful slice of heaven, the people of
     Port Alberni know how to keep busy. We’re building
     gardens, exploring local trails, relaxing by the river, or
     climbing mountains. We’ve had time over the last few
     months to try new things, learn new skills, slow down
     and appreciate everything around us.

     Exciting things are happening around town, the
     Rotary Club built a beautiful covered viewing dock
     at Victoria Quay, perfect to sit and watch the sunset
     and wildlife. The Alberni Valley Museum has set up
     an online shop where you can purchase books, board
     games, and playing cards so you can continue learning
 Alberni Colour Corner Ltd  Home Decora ting Made Ea sy!
     about the Valley in a fun way. The small businesses that
     keep Port Alberni going have shown us that anything
     is possible, and over the last few months they have
     continued serving the community. We have many
     different shopping areas in our community depending
     on what you’re looking for, and no matter where
                                       Art supplies
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     you shop you will be greeted with a very unique and
     friendly experience.              Custom blinds
     The Summer 2020 edition of the Valley Vibe hopes to
     inspire you to look for the positives, everywhere you go              @albernicolourcornerbenjaminmoore
                                                                                                      • Paint
     in our beautiful community. We are always grateful for
     the amazing town of Port Alberni and the exceptional                                             • Flooring
     members of our community. You, the people, are what                                              •  Custom
          4310 10th Ave
     makes this town amazing.                                                                250.720.0030
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     Summer in our Valley is the most amazing time of                                                  Craft
     year to be an “Alberni(an)” from the hot summer days,                                             supplies
     to the central island living with amazing vacation
     spots just around the corner. From a quick trip to
     Sproat Lake for an afternoon swim, or a full day trip              Open for Pick up and Deliveries
     to the West Coast, we live in one of the best spots on                  Weekdays 10:00 - 3:00
     Vancouver Island. Port Alberni is the community you’ll          Call us to start your next project today!
     find tucked away behind the tree covered mountains,
     surrounded by walking trails, and just a 15 minute
     drive in either direction to a beautiful water spot.              4310 10th Avenue
     We would love to hear from you; share with us your
     favorite part about summer in the Alberni Valley,               albernicolourcornerbenjaminmoore
     tag @thevalleyvibe.

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