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Why do I love Port Alberni? ….Here’s why….               Why I am Proud to be a Positive Port Alberni(an)
     On a cold, rainy Friday night in April (24th), 104 cars,   Born and raised in Positive Port Alberni, I learned to
     trucks and motorcycles came out to show support for      celebrate the little things in life in a large way. From
     all our health care workers, ambulance paramedics,       performing arts to sports and family commitments we
     volunteers and RCMP. More importantly we all drove       all enjoyed picturesque Port from harbor to harbor.
     past our care homes where the elders who shaped this     The community is strong, the hearts are true, and
     community into what it is today are being taken care     the people are genuine. Raising my children in this
     of. The streets, parking lots and windows on the entire   community gives me sense to pause as I watch them
     route were lined with people holding signs, waving,      partake in school, dance, church, track, martial arts,
     cheering, banging pots and pans - it was emotional for   and drama with dedicated coaches, mentors and
     all.  With everything that is going on in our city and the   teachers who forever have their best interests at heart.
     entire planet for that matter, it filled my heart right up   From walking or cycling calming and challenging trails,
     to the top. And now more than ever, everyone needs       spending time meditating by the waters or shopping
     something to cheer for. If you can get out and spread    in local shops, Port Alberni sends a welcoming gesture
     some cheer to someone’s day, do it. It could make a      to all who visit. Although I have lived in many other
     difference more than you know and the fulfillment        towns and communities, when it comes to Port Alberni,
     you get in return is priceless. Our little town is the   “There’s no place like home.”
     community with the BIGGEST heart. This is my home,                                                Janis Joseph
     and I LOVE it here.
                                            Paul Robertson

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